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 +=====Installation instructions for 16.04/​kinetic=====
 +First install symengine + symengine.py
 +git clone https://​github.com/​symengine/​symengine.git
 +cd symengine
 +git checkout 2f5ff9db9ff511ee243438a85ea8e2da2d05af39
 +cmake -DWITH_LLVM:​BOOL=ON .
 +make install
 +cd ..
 +git clone https://​github.com/​symengine/​symengine.py.git
 +cd symengine.py
 +sudo python setup.py install
 +Now create the workspace
 +source /​opt/​ros/​kinetic/​setup.bash ​         # start using ROS kinetic
 +mkdir -p ~/​giskardpy_ws/​src ​                # create directory for workspace
 +cd ~/​giskardpy_ws ​                          # go to workspace directory
 +catkin init                                 # init workspace
 +cd src                                      # go to source directory of workspace
 +wstool init                                 # init rosinstall
 +wstool merge https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​SemRoCo/​giskardpy/​master/​rosinstall/​catkin.rosinstall
 +                                            # update rosinstall file
 +wstool update ​                              # pull source repositories
 +rosdep install --ignore-src --from-paths .  # install dependencies available through apt
 +cd ..                                       # go to workspace directory
 +catkin build                                # build packages
 +source ~/​giskardpy_ws/​devel/​setup.bash ​     # source new overlay
 +catkin build --catkin-make-args run_tests ​ # build packages