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K4R Gitlab

IAI Github

  • If you find packages and software you want to edit for the purpose of this project, please fork it into the k4r-organisation If you don't have access there yet, ask Michael N. for access.
  • Please keep the master branch of common repositories in a working state. You can create your own development or bugfix branch. Once you are done with development, open a pull request (PR) to get your contribution merged into master.
  • Some repositories are maintained by multiple people. Please assign your PR to at least one of the maintainers, preferably to a person who you know also uses the part of the code you changed. To find the maintainer, look at the previous commits in the repo or the closed PRs and see who merged them.
  • Write down all dependencies to other git repos in a .rosinstall
  • Write down debian package dependencies in the package.xml

General Workspace Setup Tips

  • If you have dependencies to packages which you don't work on yourself, you might want to consider to put them into a different workspace and layer your development workspace on top. This will save you a lot of building time, since the bigger your workspace is, the longer a catkin build process lasts. A tutorial on how to setup workspace layers can be found here:
  • For KnowRob Nils created a Cheat sheet for himself that can be found here:

Virtual Machine Setup

  • Local virtual machine featuring a static IP which is publicly accessible can be found at . If you need access, please contact Christian Mueller ( and you will need to send your public ssh-key to Patrick Mania (
  • This VM locally runs the K4R-Platform software stack in order to have a test bed until the K4R cloud services are available

KnowRob launch in docker from scratch

  1. clone (checkout branch v0.2)
  2. cd docker
  3. docker-compose up
  4. wait for about 1 minute until the container is healthy (you can check it with docker ps)
  5. type in a browser: localhost:62226
  6. try your own prolog command
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