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Windows PC:

Starting Unreal

  • Start unreal project sherpa - Unreal version 4.13 - filename `Sherpa.uproject`
  • Make sure the map LandscapeMap_Robots is loaded (usually set as default map)
  • Add the ROS IP to the ros manager:
  • Hit play, enjoy!

Linux PC:

Starting openEASE

$ ...

Starting Unreal Bridge

$ rosrun UE_Unreal_bridge ...

Starting RoboSherlock

Check the IP for the unreal bridge in robosherlock_demos/config/config_unreal_bridge.ini and make sure it is set to the IP of the machine running Unreal.

roslaunch robosherlock_demos rs_sherpa.launch

Starting CRAM

$ rosrun cram_sherpa_donkey donkey
$ rosrun cram_sherpa_hawk hawk
$ rosrun cram_sherpa_red_wasp red_wasp
$ rosrun cram_sherpa_blue_wasp blue_wasp

Starting HMI

$ roslaunch hmi_interpreter speechToText.launch
$ rosrun hmi_cram hmi-main
$ rosrun hmi_cram proactive-main
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